The path to growth
leads back to nature

The environment is a key-element of Thrace Greenhouses' value system. By protecting it, we ensure superior quality of the produce we offer our consumers. This is the rewarding feeling that keeps us going.

Good Agricultural Practices

Hydroponics is one of the most advanced & environmentally-friendly cultivation methods in practice, while the renewable geothermal energy meets 100% of the heating requirements.

Integrated Management System

We apply sustainable management methods of our natural resources, achieving certified quality of vegetables at every stage.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Thanks to geothermal energy which requires no fuel, our greenhouses not only emit no CO 2, but actively generate oxygen due to the photosynthetic process of plants.

Management of water resources

Hydroponics allows us to conserve up to 60% more water than traditional farming methods. The recirculation of both water and mineral nutrient solution also help us reduce production costs and environmental impact.

Natural Pollination

The use of insect pollinators ensures premium quality and hormone free produce.

Plant waste management

Rather than burning plant debris from our greenhouses or disposing it into the environment, we make it available to local farmers as supplementary feed for their livestock.

≈ Zero CO2 emissions

By studying our carbon footprint, we are able to better understand the life cycle of our products, the importance of sustainable energy management, the advantages of our hydroponic systems and good agricultural practices. The following comparative analysis, is a powerful tool for understanding and reducing our impact on global warming. With this certification from EMI-CERT, we can now state that our products have almost 0 (zero) CO2 emissions (carbon neutral) and can be considered good not only for us but also for the environment.